The Beautiful Rockies

“I would’ve thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier…that John Denver was full of…”

If you are a movie fan, this quote might ring a bell as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne make their way (a little off course) towards Aspen, Colorado in Dumb and Dumber. While that movie is a classic comedy and fun to quote, the reason I bring it up is because I finally had the opportunity to see for myself how rocky the Rocky Mountains really are. I am a Colorado native, but up until this week, I had never made it out to Rocky Mountain National Park. rmnp

I might be one of a select crazy few, but I chose to start my half day adventure at 3:00am. This gave me plenty of time to get up and start my hike before the sun was blazing, and also gave me time to make it back for work later. If you are one who likes nothing more than to sleep, this might not be the best choice. If you don’t plan on camping or if you don’t have enough time for a full day trip, the views, the hike, and the early morning weather are phenomenal.

The drive from Denver is about a 2 hour drive into Estes Park. After you reach the town, you can continue on highway 34 or 36 towards different areas of Rocky Mountain National Park. We chose to hike the Glacier Gorge area that had more easy/moderate trails like Alberta Falls, Mills Lake, Loch Vale, Black Lake, Andrew’s Glacier and many more. With the choice of lake trails, waterfall trails, summit climbs, or even a fourteener (Long’s Peak), the Rocky Mountain National Park offers miles and miles of hiking.

From our trailhead that started at Glacier Gorge, our first point of interest was Alberta Falls. It is less than a mile hike, but nothing short of breathtaking. The trail was well marked with signs for each path along with the distance Most of the trail goes along the stream with small, often visible rushing waterfalls. Off the beaten path, and right along the edge of the water, tree roots weave together in a knotted fashion to create a trail of its own. Getting off the actual trail can be a little messier in finding your own path while avoiding any hazardous spots or wildlife. I found it to be worth the challenge. The sound of rushing water, the lines of sunlight that break through the trees, a better view of the waterfalls, and a truer feeling of being in the outdoors is hard to beat.

Another one of our hikes that continued on past Alberta Falls was Loch Vale. This trail was a little steeper than the first mile, but again, just as rewarding in the views, and lead us straight to a beautiful lake and high surrounding mountains. The water was calm, and some people even brought up some fishing rods to fish in that area.loch vale

Overall, the area and the possibilities it brings are endless. I wasn’t disappointed in any way, and I definitely plan on making it back there a few more times this summer. I would also suggest this to anyone looking for a really great hiking area that gives you more than just a small hill to climb. It is easy to see why so many people come to Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park for a great outdoor experience.

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  1. I was also just in RMNP for some hiking and photo taking. Are you copying me?


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